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“Information being readily available to let me work at a faster pace, no time wasting. The marking was done promptly with feedback. This allowed me to correct and add to whilst it was fresh in my memory. Very beneficial.” - JACQUELINE

“My time studying with CCPT has been so rewarding. My tutor was always encouraging and easy to get hold of, and everything I was learning felt really relevant. ” - JOHN

“Whenever I have had an issue someone has always been on hand to help and they have always been so friendly and easy to talk to.” - KATIE

“I’m really impressed with how easy this course was to fit around my home life. I was able to pick it up whenever I had some downtime, and didn’t have to worry about missing out if I needed to do something else.” - JANE SMITH

Help & Advice

Call our course advisors on Freephone 0800 062 2900 or 0207 307 5922