Online learning

Our interactive, online course content provides a comprehensive, enjoyable and convenient learning experience.
You will be able to progress through your course whenever and wherever you wish all you need is access to the internet, and a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Our online course content includes:
Virtual classroom
Classes are held using our virtual classroom. You can join your tutor and fellow students to talk with and discuss subjects to enhance your understanding, all without leaving your home.
Message/Chat with fellow students
Our online messaging gives you the opportunity to discuss topics with your fellow students. You can use it to ask questions, learn from others, get feedback, and share your own experiences.
Regular activities
As you progress through your lessons, you will be able to complete learning activities which have been specifically created to enhance your learning and build up your knowledge.
Manageable lessons
Information is broken down into easily-digestible small sections to help you progress smoothly through your course.
Comprehensive tutor support
As well as talking to your tutor via phone or email, you can also have an online conversation with your tutor.
Short videos & audio content
A selection of multi-media content is available throughout the course.